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Since graduating school Dec. 2011 with a BS in Physics, I've decided to take the free time that I have and pursue my interest in computer security, networks, and operating systems. Originally I planned on going for a masters in CPE/EE for embedded programming in neat projects like UAVs, however I was pretty burnt out. Since college I've learned that taking courses and skimming through books to ace a tests isn't really learning. True learning is doing something with what you know and for that, I felt a little reluctant to go back for my masters.

Now I'm learning everything that I've wanted to on my own and I've developed some cool projects for myself like a simple cooked socket webserver, client browser, kernel keylogger, and now I'm learning to write shellcode. My future plans include getting a CCNA certificate for the summer and hopefully with that I can land a job. Though I hope that in the future that I can eventually be employed as a white hat. Other then that I can't say much else about myself.