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I'm an experienced "can-do" attitude Software Developer from Belgium (currently working in Eastern Canada), skilled and interested in a variety of technology stacks:

C#, Python (Gold SO badge), Node.JS, Perl, ... (and many more)

I mostly enjoy coming up with elegant solutions to difficult problems.

So far I have worked (professionally) on the following (in no particular order): general greenfield development, geospatial development (in an open source stack: Linux, MapServer, GDAL/OGR, Postgis), language parsing & transformation tools (with a focus on automatically converting VB6 & Delphi applications), mainframe migration (automated regression tools, migration tools), heavily distributed systems / cloud computing...

I started programming when I was around 8 years old (with BASICA and then Pascal, before progressing through a whole myriad of programming languages). Some of my other interests (these tend to change semi-frequently): vintage Japanese arcade games, code golf, hiking, ...

Contact details: christophe@diericx.net.