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Hi, My name is Christopher.

I have lived in the netherlands until 2003 when I moved to the south of France in a little village called Felines Minervois filled with old and rusty wine makers. It was a charming place and I've really enjoyed living there. In 2005 I moved again to Vias, a bigger coastal village closer to what I call "civilisation".

As for work, Having both worked in sales and marketing I have an affinity for launching and promoting products. This is mixed with my love for entrepreneurship that has already lead me to the production and launch of the popular online product called iWebKit, available at http://snippetspace.com .

My past experienced combined with my business school study give me a head start for my future life. Speaking English, french and dutch my goal would be to work internationally and set up my own software or web service company later in life. This comes mainly for my love of Technology of all kind and the potential I see in that branch of business.