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I support the use of and ♥ free source software / open source software, and work on projects at http://launchpad.net, http://stackoverflow.com, https://sourceforge.net, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com, http://linuxrules94.users.sourceforge.net/

I am certified in MOS, and A+ and I am currently working on getting Net+, Server+, Linux+, security+, MSCE certifications and want to major in computer engineering.

My motivation comes from my strong curiosity in how things work which is how I learned how to program in 2007 (I ♥ programing)

I also love photography & graphic designing too & enjoy team work / working with people.

The current programing languages I know so far are: Perl, Python, Several types of Bash, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, a little bit of C and C++ and Java, and more.

Please feel free to donate Bitcoins here, and btw thanks :)

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my favorite sites: http://www.flightgear.org, http://www.thelastlecture.com, http://www.rockbox.org, http://counter.li.org, http://www.linux.org, http://www.perl.org

and..... many more Linux related sites :D

I only know English and "un poco espanol"