This question I asked ("How to deleting user data in Windows 7 on shutdown or start up”) is not being answered. What should I do?

  • SU's purpose is to build a knowledgebase to help others with similar problems. How to accomplish a specific, common task is useful to others. You are probably the only one who needs the unique script you describe. It's possible someone will see it as a fun challenge and dabble in a solution, but your question probably won't attract people rushing to answer. Bumping won't matter. You're better off reducing the request to a simple piece that's giving you the most problems, as a jump-start to your own solution. Sorry, just realistic expectations.
    – fixer1234
    Oct 15, 2015 at 2:35
  • FWIW, your act of “bumping” the question by posting another question is really rude. Just because you post a question doesn’t mean there is an answer or there is a user base that knows how to answer it. This is not a statement on you or your goals, but this site is not a personal tech concierge site. If someone can help you, they will. If they can’t, they can’t. If 10+ days later someone hasn’t come along to answer, not much else to say. Perhaps you can earn rep to post a bounty on the question? Oct 15, 2015 at 5:17
  • @jo900 - If you want an answer you will have to give the community longer then a week to answer it. Of course given how you simply are requesting a script, its unlikely you will get an answer, we are not a script concierge website. Those of course exist so I suggest you go there if your not willing to even attempt to do this yourself.
    – Ramhound
    Oct 15, 2015 at 11:50
  • 1
    “Is there any other suggestions to help my question get answered?” What part of being patient don’t you understand? Either someone can help you or they can’t. If someone can help you they will post an answer. If they can’t help you they won’t post an answer. If this functionality is something you desire so strongly, then maybe you can hire a contractor to do it for you for a fee. Past that, there’s nothing else anyone can say or do. Oct 15, 2015 at 19:02

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Wait. Eventually someone will answer the question. There is also a system that automatically 'bumps' questions without answers to the front page after a certain amount of time.

We also have a section in the Help Center about this: https://superuser.com/help/no-one-answers

Bumping questions is also frowned upon:
How to deleting user data in Windows 7 on shutdown or start up

Please don't post questions multiple times. You need to be patient. This is a free service where people choose to answer questions when they can.

As for the question itself? We're not a script writing service. We can help you with something you have already written that isn't working properly, but asking us to write it for you is not going to garner a lot of response.

  • 1
    A better question that may get more attention would most likely ask about problems with a non-working script, what files need to be deleted to clear user data, or possibly even just how to delete a file using scripts. (The last one was most likely already asked, and please do not ask existing questions.)
    – JohnDoe
    Oct 15, 2015 at 3:53

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