The tasks tag says -

Tasks are processes that are to be done. A task can be an item on a to-do list, a process that needs to be completed, a scheduled event to take place, or any number of things that need to be accomplished.

But we also have to-do tag. As well as a process tag and event tag. I know tasks can be different than processes, but as it is defined now it's very unclear. I don't really have a suggestion here.

  • The [process] and [event] tags are used predominantly to refer to computer activity. [Tasks] is pretty mixed between people tasks and computer activity, so it needs to be split up. The only term I could find with a meaning limited to human task is "chore", but that's not something anybody would think of when tagging. "To-do" wouldn't cover all of the usage for human tasks, and there are also a number of other closely related tags. It looks like there's a lot of tag cleanup needed, but no solution to suggest, yet.
    – fixer1234
    Mar 11, 2016 at 10:30


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