SuperUser, unlike StackOverflow and Meta has a very weird code box. It has a thick blue edge on the left, which is very distracting.

alt text

I would prefer a clean box like this

alt text

I don't know why this unnecessary thing was introduced on SuperUser, but with the colour combinations that SuperUser has, it looks odd and not at all nice, specially in code ("" are still okay).

Is there any chance that these dark blue things are removed? OR is there some very good reason to keep them?


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After looking at one of my posts on SuperUser, I think the blue bar is there because the background of the code/quote box is too close to that of the rest of the site.

I could barely tell that there was anything different about the background (other than the blue bar).

Maybe a slightly darker background would fix the problem the blue bar was meant to solve...as well as get rid of the ugly blue bar.

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