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Title: How can I access the fm radio chip in my Android smartphone.

Content: Android is based on a Linux Kernel, and is therefore a variant of Unix. As such I would expect some sort of command console/command prompt to be accessible. According to this site and this site, most smartphones have a FM radio chip that is deactivated because phone carriers want us to pay for the moderate amounts of data it would require to stream music via services such as Pandora. I personally use up to 1/2 of my data for this purpose.

Rather than wait and hope something to change, I would like to go ahead and bypass this inconvenience. I have some level of hardware expertise, and I have rooted my phone, a LG Optimus Fuel serviced under tracfone. How would I go about activating my radio and how would I access it afterward?

Back to the meta question:

Would this be on topic for this site? I read through the help center here as well as on Unix SE, and nothing seemed to disqualify it from being on-topic from either, but I am not entirely sure it is on-topic. In a vague sense it involves both my power-using desires and Unix (Android is descended from Unix and they have an tag). I just wanted to be clear about this before I asked the question.


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It's definitely off-topic here. But there is an Android.SE site that would happily take it.

  • Thanks. Just had to be sure before I asked ;)
    – Jax
    Commented Apr 25, 2016 at 21:42

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