and synonomized had 20-odd questions and the tag was undefined.

Since graphic design isn't really on-topic, I looked at the associated questions. Most were just unrelated decoration, so I cleaned them up.

Only three remained, one of which was closed as a duplicated of a closed question. These were about graphics editing rather than graphic design. Since there were only a couple, I went ahead and retagged those with the existing but little-used tag.

The deprecated tag has over 400 questions, and I suspect many of them can be retagged with . was also undefined, so I drafted a wiki and wiki excerpt.

Which brings me to this question. has two followers and is now empty, so it will disappear in a day. Some number of people relate to the term "graphic-design" rather than "graphics editing" (given the difference in past tag choice). Suggestion: while they still exist, synonomize and with .

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and have been synonymised with .

needs to be dealt with separately, which I think is what you are suggesting, as it is too vague and probably attached to many unrelated subjects.

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