We have a new tag on a question about the Windows Explorer preview pane, and would like to get community input on the tag. I thought we had either this tag or previously and that it was removed as too meta, but I can't find any history on it.

Preview panes do have some common characteristics, but I suspect that questions about preview panes will be pretty specific to the applicable software.

  • Are preview panes enough of a concept that the tag is useful, at least as a subject clarifier, or is it too meta?

  • If this tag is too meta, does it deserve a dedicated tag as a sub-tag on specific applications, or is it too granular and the application tag is enough?

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Preview panes require the interaction of the shell file viewer and either built-in file handlers or the format's default application to work properly.

File viewers for operating systems besides Windows also offer preview panel ability.

For these reasons I believe this tag will be too broad to be useful.

Instead, people should tag their OS, their Shell (if applicable), and the applicable program/filetype, as this information is much more meaningful and helpful for identifying and categorizing their question.


I think your suggestion of a dedicated sub-tag for Windows Explorer is a good idea.

Maybe the tag could be changed to or ?

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