I've recently gained the rep to retag, so when I saw this question and didn't think the energy tag made sense (yes it's about energy, but really something like "energy efficiency" would be more relevant) I decided to change it, so went to search for the current "standard" tag for that type of question and found there is instead a mess of similar tags.

Since I've only recently gained the rep to retag I thought I'd defer this to the community, rather than go on an unguided retagging spree.

I think the following tags are all used for the same purpose:

  • energy (6 questions)
  • energy-saver (2)
  • power-consumption (13)
  • power-efficiency (2)
  • powersave (4)

There is also an efficiency tag with 6, but those questions seem to be more about personal / time efficenty - not electrical energy.

Then, there is the electricity tag with 45, which I think is being used for the same purposes some of the time, but for some other purposes as well - brownouts, electrocution and preventing damage for example.

I think those I've bulletted need to be merged and/or have synonyms (I guess the primary tag should be power-consumption?), and then adjust those in electricity that match? Does that make sense?


Since no one's responsed, I shall go and re-tag these once I'm home this evening, unless someone decides to say otherwise before then.

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Result was to keep 20 as power-consumption, and also 7 as powersave (for those RE the power settings on machines, maybe could do with a better name...) with some shuffling between the lot.

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