We have a number of tags relating to image modification:

None of the tags have a definition, and they are used almost interchangeably (except for the last).

There are actually a few different topics:

  • how to achieve a specific alteration in the content/appearance of an image (
  • how to use an automated process to modify many images in the same way (either the image content or the files) ()
  • how to turn a collection of individual images into a single, combined package, like a video or album ()
  • image transparency seems to be too granular for a separate tag; we would need separate tags for blurring, cropping, resizing, and all of the other common operations.


  • Are these topics different enough that they should have separate tags?
    (That will require retagging a significant portion of the 300+ questions.)
  • Is there a way to do it that would be batter adhered to than past practice or are we wasting our time trying to maintain the separate topics?
  • If we give up and just make the existing tags synonyms, what should the primary tag be (is there an all-encompassing term)?


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