Should questions about a specific version of something have both the general tag of it and the version tag, or just the version tag? For example: If I'm asking "How do the Home and Professional versions of Windows XP differ?", do I tag it [windows]+[windows-xp], or just [windows-xp]?

What about regular questions about Windows, i.e. If I have a certain version of Windows, but my question isn't specifically about that version, for example: "I need sound editing software for Windows. I'm on Windows XP.". On Mac OSX: "I can't get printing working. I'm on OSX." Do I tag it [mac] and [osx], or just [osx]?


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If the question is about a specific version, then it should be just the version.

  • Not in all cases; we (you) recently unified the tags virtual-pc (the general tag) and windows-virtual-pc (the version-specific tag) into a single tag.
    – gparyani
    Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 23:10

I always remove the "windows" tag if a question is tagged with "windows" AND "windows-xp". "windows-xp" already makes clear it's about windows. Otherwise, if there's a question about Windows XP Home, you should tag it as. "windows" + "windows-xp" + "windows-xp-home" Which causes for two redundant tags in my opinion.

if a question is not about a specific version, I'd tag it as "windows" only.


For Mac OS X it's a bit different:

[mac] refers to the hardware
[osx] refers to all versions of Mac OS X in general [osx-snow-leopard] and such specify a specific version.

I've put more on the tag info pages: Mac and osx

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