I see that now stackexchange has removed wordperss login, or at least it isn't showing on my system. But i'm not necessarily asking how to get that back, I recall there was some bug with that. I had a similar bad experience in the past with myopenid being removed.

enter image description here

I can post from here because i'm already logged in.

I would like to add a stackexchange account 'cos at least stackexchange won't be removing that login method.

How can I do that?

This here offers a login but doesn't offer adding a stackexchange accoutn to your one.

enter image description here

If I enter an email for the one I want to add, it says "No account with this email found". I see no option to add that login to my account.

Can I perhaps migrate my current account to a stackexchange account?


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Yes you can - though its been a while since I tested it. Taken from my MSE answer

It sort of works, though it is a little more convoluted that it could be.

You'd need to start by creating an account at the Stack Exchange OpenID page.

Login, check your profile page, and click on the link "Use your own URL to log in".

It'll give you a bit of HTML code

enter image description here

You need to copy the link on the second line

Now go to your profile, My logins, add more logins

enter image description here

And paste that into manually enter your openid.

Its detected as an SE login, and is handy when you stupidly delete yours testing things, like I did.

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