I just noticed when I go to edit a comment from a typo or whatever, I get back [object Object].

enter image description here

Question: Am I the only one affected by this and what is it or what does it mean?

I already closed the browser and re-opened but I'm using the usual Chrome browser I normally use and I never noticed this before. Rather than troubleshooting, I wanted to post and ask in case it's a bug or something already discovered.


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@Brian Nickel

This is my fault, the fix is live now for MSE, building on the network.

In working on Keyboard-only users cannot flag comments in the new comment flag dialog, I needed access to the event that showed the flagging dialog, so I updated the comment UI hooks to pass in the event as the first parameter.

This was fine fo the various hooks, upvote, flag, etc, except for edit, because the edit hook already had a parameter defined textOverride. So the event that was passed in was treated as a text override and replaced the edit text.


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