Previously we had a discussion about ReactOS. Essentially there isn't a rule against asking about "pre-release" software, but those questions were closed because ReactOS is declared perpetually "alpha" (despite having hundreds of developers and thousands of users and write ups in major non-tech publications).

Likewise, I suggested we look at other questions as examples of why we should not target just one users submissions in just one tag. Those questions did not make a convincing argument against the organized hordes of SuperUser.

I'd like to make a different suggestion then. Let's just delete all the questions,

At least that would start us down principled path of creating and enforcing rules rather than just making them up to target a specific user.

And, following the logic from others I don't use any of that software above, so I should be partial and passionate about closing those questions?

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    Voting to close this Evan because you are—honestly and I genuinely hate to say this—paranoid, delusional and believe that there are people on this Stack Exchange site (perhaps others as well?) who are specifically out to get you. Your last round of activity here on meta dovetails into this nonsense now and if you honestly think beating a dead horse makes you look better, it doesn’t. The only person who has decided to make any of this something that will “target a specific user” is your delusions. Nothing else. You don’t want a discussion in any way. Aug 25, 2018 at 2:25
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    Also I will be “on topic” and state that your claim of “non-existent rules” is based on the false concept that rules on this site—or any site or any place—are 100% one-to-one literal. The “rules” are not “laws”; they are guidelines for behavior that allow a community to grow in a way that respects others. Your interpretation of any/all of this is there are “laws” to posting and either those laws are “broken” or not. That is not the way communities like this work. You are simply upset that something you believe is “on topic” is considered “off topic” by the majority of the community. That’s it. Aug 25, 2018 at 2:33

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"Essentially there isn't a rule against asking about "pre-release" software"

Well meta did have a discussion about this.

The community consensus was that questions about software that was "perpetually in alpha" are off-topic.

All the examples you quote in your question relate to software that is not perpetually in alpha.

However, as Jeff said:

once the OS is released, I support deleting all the beta and rc questions, or at least most of them AFTER THE OPERATING SYSTEM IS FULLY RELEASED.

So please feel free to cast your close votes on the examples in your question ...

Source Should we have a sub-tag for beta/RC?

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