The question Automatically add comma to end of JavaScript objects in VSCode (see Revision History here) was erroneously migrated to Stack Overflow.

This is clearly a software use question – about using the Visual Studio Code (VSCode) text editor, and getting it to automatically insert commas after braces.

It is not on topic on Stack Overflow – it's by no means a programming question.

Is there a way to reverse the migration?


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  1. I agree that too many questions that are posted on a site where they are on-topic get erroneously migrated to Stack Overflow.  This is a bigger problem on Unix & Linux Stack Exchange, where some people react to anything that looks like source code the way people in warm climes react to a snowflake, but I guess it’s a problem here on Super User, too.
  2. While I tentatively agree that Automatically add comma to end of JavaScript objects in VSCode is on-topic at Super User, I believe (as a very low-involvement member) that it is on-topic at Stack Overflow also: “software tools commonly used by programmers” are explicitly listed as being on-topic there.  In any case, Stack Overflow seems to be happy to accept questions that belong on Super User or U & L, such as how to run commands from the command line, on the (IMHO flimsy) rationale that anything that could be used on the command line could be used in a script, and therefore it’s programming-related.  (Similar rationale for Excel worksheet formula questions, I suppose.)
  3. I am sorely tempted, even now, to vote to close Automatically add comma to end of JavaScript objects in VSCode as unclear, because,

    • It’s hard to understand the premise for a reader who is not proficient in JavaScript.
    • Specifically, it shows examples of lines that say {}, and then talks about typing { and then pressing Enter, without providing context.
    • Even with the latest edit, it’s not clear what’s happening.  When you type { and then press Enter, does VSCode

      • Give you an error message?
      • Open two blank lines, and
        • insert } on the second line, and
        • insert “//Missing comma!” as a comment on the second line?

      If VSCode is inserting the }, and you want it to insert }, instead, it would help if you would say so, explicitly, and show the desired result.  This is a common guideline on Super User and U & L: show

      • the input (your starting state),
      • what you do,
      • what happens (what you get), and
      • what you want to get.

      If VSCode isn’t inserting the }, then I really don’t know what you want.  (I mean really.  I am not just being pedantic.)


Reversing a migration isn't possible, but I think I see both sides of the issue sigh I'll reopen, have a word with a few people, and strongly recommend screentogif for making a gif

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