Actually Microsoft changed naming several times and right now they called it Microsoft Powershell Core 6.0

Both tags contain no questions right now so it is better to put things in order right now.

My suggestion is to merge to . In the official repository both names are being used interchangeably, in the reference documentation Powershell 6 seems to be preferred variant.

Please vote for answers below and/or provide your alternative as an answer

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My suggestion is to merge PowerShell-core to PowerShell-6.0. In the official repository, both names are being used interchangeably, in the reference documentation, Powershell 6 seems to be the preferred variant.

In my opinion, we should just delete PowerShell-Core, and keep it PowerShell-6.0 which matches PowerShell-5.0. This would match tags like Visual Studio, C# (at SO), Office, Windows. We can use a tag description within 6.0/6.1 to indicate it's also called PowerShell Core 6.x.

In any event, only a single question has used the tags in question, so we could simply edit that single question and remove the erroneous tag that was created.

We could then make PowerShell Core 6.x a synonym with PowerShell-6.0, although the same would have to be done with PowerShell-6.1 and PowerShell Core 6.x, so I think simply removing PowerShell Core 6.0 might be the better option.

A tag merger seems a little overkill for a tag that has been used once. PowerShell-6.0is the tag that has had a description written for it, a single person, erroneously created the PowerShell Core 6.0 tag. It has no description currently.


Merge and


Make powershell-core a synonym of powershell-6.0:

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