I will use GIMP2 as an example, when instructing a person to create a Round Button as shown in the below image.

GIMP 2 Menu

Personally any given day I could write and format navigation instructions in many alternative ways;

File > Create > Button > Rounded Button or File > Create > Button > Rounded Button

or even, [File] -> [Create] -> [Button] -> [Rounded Button] if I'm feeling the need to display some flair to my instructions.

Is there a standardised or preferred format of representing navigation instructions for the context/toolbar/other menus and options in questions and answers?

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    My recommendation would be: Go easy with the bold and code markup. – slhck Feb 10 at 19:23
  • I suggest taking care to use the actual text of the menu items to avoid confusion. – Andrew Morton Feb 11 at 20:46

Whatever works for you.

Personally I use animated gifs along with the first format but no, we have no standards.

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