Sometimes I need to ask questions that are broad in scope, which leads to them being rejected here.

Where's a good place which is more welcoming of such questions than SU?

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    Can you provide an example? Ironically, this question is currently very broad too.
    – gronostaj
    Mar 18, 2019 at 9:35

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"too broad", doesn't mean off-topic, so there could not be by-default suggestion for migration.

When a question is closed as too-broad, that generally means one, or combination of these reasons:

  • multiple questions are asked in the same post
    • splitting it to multiple posts (maybe with link to each other) may solve the problem
  • there is no appropriate research behind the question (e.g. asking for a definition of TCP)
    • searching the internet might solve your problem. Even if it can't solve your problem, you get some basic idea and can improve your post buy asking a more specific question
  • expecting the community to do someone's job.
    • Most frequently people ask for macros to be written (please give me a macro which ...). It's simply off-topic here, if somebody can't write macro, then need to hire a professional to do it.
  • The topic is not suitable to be discussed in a Q&A site like Superuser.
    • I see your question Is this a complete local backup solution definition? has been recently closed as off-topic. It mainly falls into this category. It is too broad because you ask multiple questions, touch a very broad topic, it also has some subjectivity and software recommendation in it.
    • Maybe you can discuss this better in a forum, or staying in Superuser, look for a chat room.
  • not enough details are included to understand situation / be able to find the right solution.

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