I've come across a few questions that I'd like more details and steps towards.

But feel silly for opening a repeat question to get more help,

And I don't want it to get marked as duplicate.

Is there any way to un-archive questions?


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    You mean remove the duplicate flag on a question? If it’s an actual duplicate that’s not likely going to happen. It sounds like you have a new question. You might want to read our help center to better understand what is within scope. If a question is protected then to many questions submitted as an answer were submitted. You might clarify what you mean by an archived question.. Be sure you edit your question instead of submitting a comment – Ramhound May 4 at 21:29
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    It might help to add a link to one or two of the questions you're referring to so people will understand what you mean by unarchiving. – fixer1234 May 4 at 22:57
  • Please look at the Related Questions (to the right).   Several of them seem to be very similar to yours. – G-Man May 6 at 3:00

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