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I appear to have two accounts. Can they be combined? I was directed here with a link and remembered I had an account. I've been poking around to try to figure things out, but find the interface confusing.

One account is on Stack Exchange and the other, from 2015, is on Superuser. I thought they were the same system. Not sure what's going on. Are these two different systems?


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  • Welcome to Super User. This question appears to belong on Stack Exchange Meta (meta.stackexchange.com) or should be asked directly to Stack Exchange support. Also, Super User and Stack Exchange are indeed the same system. – juniorRubyist Jul 24 at 3:49
  • The distinction you make (needed the same system) is not clear, but I'll try to ask this via the StackExchange account. – Steve N. Jul 24 at 6:04
  • Super User is a site on the Stack Exchange network of sites, thus an account on one site is good for all of the sites, you just use the same login for all of them. – juniorRubyist Jul 24 at 6:06
  • OK, Junior.Thanks. More complex than I want to mess with. I'll just answer questions as desired and not worry about it, but I do have two user numbers... I just thought merging would combine the Reputation points and allow doing some simple things I tried to do and couldn't. – Steve N. Jul 24 at 11:29
  • From back then, I got the impression "superuser" was an elevated status on the StackExchange site for answering something. Whatever. I find the interface complex and just wanted to share some knowledge in an area where so many peorple have misconceptions... I'll stick with the other account since it has more points. Thanks. – Steve N. Jul 24 at 11:40

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