I'm not sure where exactly on the SE network, if at all, I should ask this question:

My email provider had this technical glitch which made my address be unavailable (550 4.2.1 Access Denied) for about 4 days. The address has now been restored, but I want to mend any damage that may have occurred: I must have bounced from all sorts of automated mechanisms which send me email. I would like some advice regarding how to figure out how to mark myself as non-bouncing again; I've noticed I don't know how to do that even with Google groups I'm in.

How would you recommend I go about mending/fixing the "damage" of my email outage - including what I've mentioned above and perhaps considerations I have missed?

Can I, or should I, ask that on SU?

  • "Can I, or should I, ask that on SU?" No. – DavidPostill Aug 11 at 12:56
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    If the configuration of your email server has been resolved no additional actions are required. – Ramhound Aug 11 at 21:03
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    @Ramhound: Well, that would be an answer, e.g. that mailining list servers will not give up on me within 4-5 days. – einpoklum Aug 11 at 21:05
  • I am sure when you asked your question at the appropriate SE community (that isn’t SU) you will get an answer – Ramhound Aug 11 at 21:09
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    @Ramhound: Ok, but - which community would you suggest?... :-( – einpoklum Aug 11 at 21:17

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