A couple of hours ago I asked a question asking for help on how to prevent some people to write on USB drives without my knowledge and consent and destroy the contents and the drives themselves when I try to defend myself. My question has been deleted sometime during the last two hours. Who did it please? What do those people fear? the light? do they prefer to stay in the dark basements they have been living for so long?

  • Just ask the question again, there is no answer to this question and is off topic on SU. – Moab Nov 28 at 2:59
  • “What do those people fear? the light? do they prefer to stay in the dark basements they have been living for so long?” No one person deletes a question. The community does. Meaning multiple people can vote on a question and wether it fits the community. Saying dramatic nonsense like this is ridiculous and overwrought. You should still be able too see the deleted question as well as who deleted it. Nobody is being “creepy”; this is how the site works. – JakeGould Nov 28 at 3:11
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    Questions aren't normally deleted within hours unless they're spam or abusive. This question will get migrated to the Meta site, but if your deleted question was anything like the last several lines of this question, that might explain the deletion. This is a site for technical questions, and trashing other people is inappropriate. Everyone here volunteers their time to help others, and nobody will want to respond to such a question. If you want help, please check your attitude. – fixer1234 Nov 28 at 3:13
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    You can see your own deleted posts by clicking the option at the bottom of your profile's Questions page to view them. Nobody else can access them without a direct link, and then only high-reputation users can view it. Thus, nobody knows what question you're referring to, why it might have been deleted, or how to improve it. Please open the question from your profile page. Under the question is a series of links; the first is "share". (cont'd) – fixer1234 Nov 28 at 3:29
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    Click that, copy the link (or copy the link from the browser's URL window), and edit it into this question (clean up the question at the same time). Someone with sufficient reputation will copy the question's content here so any user can provide you with feedback. – fixer1234 Nov 28 at 3:29
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    BTW, it doesn't appear that any question with a title related to your description was deleted in the last day. Is there any chance you created it under a different user account, and it's just not appearing on your profile page under this account? superuser.com/… – fixer1234 Nov 28 at 3:37
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    The only question I found is this one: How to avoid implant of “System volume Information” on a USB drive – JakeGould Nov 28 at 3:43
  • Too broad or unclear... You perhaps have an auto draft you cannot find which you were compiling that you never submitted, or you are talking about a comment, or a chat conversation in a chat room, or from another SU account? They fear fear itself. – Pimp Juice IT Nov 28 at 20:34

There's no deleted posts on this account. There was one question that was put on hold.

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