Just noticed the following:

  • Someone asks a question.
  • I shoot an answer
  • I figure out my answer is wrong, so I delete it.
  • Working some more on the matter, I come up with a better answer, so I edit my initial answer and undelete it
  • Looking at the result, my correct answer appears with the timestamp of the initial post.

Not a big deal and in this case noone came up with a satisfying answer in the meantime, but this could be exploited by karma wh^H^Haddicts to appear to have answered before anyone, by claiming an early time slot by creating and deleting a question.

So shouldn't the time stamp of an undeleted question be reset to the undelete time?

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    The revision history would still show their original garbage "fastest gun" answer and they would quickly get blamed, shamed, and potentially banned for abusive behaviour. – Mokubai Nov 29 at 10:22
  • The edit could contain anything or nothing (i.e., the person just changed their mind and undeleted, or did some minor cleanup so the answer is essentially the same). How would the system determine when there's been enough change that the undeleted answer is essentially a new answer? – fixer1234 Nov 29 at 18:58
  • You can always submit a new answer entirely. If you delete an answer, edit it, then choose to undelete it. You have not submitted a new answer, you have done exactly what is encouraged, edit your existing contribution. When you have submitted the answer is very rarely a consideration. – Ramhound Nov 30 at 4:01

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