I'm trying to add a small amount of in-line CSS to enhance my answer without making the answer inaccessible to screen-reading software for better reference purposes (so that the answer more closely resembles what the user will see when following steps). I believe I have seen in-line CSS on answers, previously. Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

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    I've never seen CSS used and I'm not sure I'd want to. We use markdown formatting as specified in the help centre formatting article. There is also limited HTML support. What is it you are trying to achieve? – Mokubai Jan 4 at 22:13
  • It is and it isn't. I appear to be mistaken in having thought CSS was allowed in some capacity. Text cannot be underlined or highlighted in yellow, which seem to be glaring flaws. I understand that not everything should be included, but at least we can certainly say that being unable to underline text and highlight key info puts us at a huge disadvantage as readers. – Wolfpack'08 Jan 6 at 6:05

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