Here: PowerSpec G419 Missing Bluetooth?

The question was easily understood (I had no difficulty understanding it whatsoever) and my answer was entirely correct NOT speculation, and based on experience. If the other person wished to offer another answer - fine. But I was NOT wrong. It should not have been downvoted. The kind of indiscriminate downvoting I get serves ONLY to beat up, belittle and demean people. It does serve any useful purpose except to drive good people away

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    Your answer is more conjecture based on what appears to be incredibly limited experience. "I got one once and it had it" rather than being reasoned and qualified by any real technical knowledge. I suspect you attract downvotes due to your desire to be the fastest to answer and failing to provide any useful information that might educate the asker on how to do something themselves. "I did and it was fine" is less useful than "I did it, here is how you can do it too." – Mokubai Jan 7 at 10:05
  • No it is not in any way conjecture based. My commercial desktops over the years have not had Bluetooth unless added. I will check similar machines at a client tomorrow. My answer DID provide how to do it. – John Jan 7 at 12:19
  • I honestly don't care how many of your clients do or don't, it is irrelevant. You gave a vague hand wave at device manager without any information on how to open it, what to do with it or what you are looking for, that is not "how to do it" by any stretch. You use fuzzy language like "Many desktops do not have Wireless" and "Bluetooth is commonly associated with the Wireless adapter." which presumes that people already know why without any explanation and provokes conjecture and the question of "why". Being intentionally vague and using anecdotal evidence does not demonstrate understanding. – Mokubai Jan 7 at 12:45
  • You are thinking differently than me and there is nothing I can do about that. My experience is as valid as the experience of you or others. – John Jan 7 at 12:50
  • I am thinking differently, yes, but I am also trying to help you see what is wrong and how you can improve. If you refuse to accept that people hope you can achieve something better then I guess we're just going to continue with the current status quo. – Mokubai Jan 7 at 12:51
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    @John - You are asking for the reasons you received a downvote, reasonable well thought out reasons with valid explanations, but your response seems to completely give the impression your not willing to even consider the feedback you received. I have given you similar feedback and in the past, on similar low quality answers, and you either suggest in a comment it’s my feedback is completely wrong or delete the answer. The only reason I submitted an answer to this question is because I knew I would receive votes that would prevent the question from being deleted. – Ramhound Jan 7 at 12:55
  • @John - Your words give the impression we are an annoyance. – Ramhound Jan 7 at 13:00
  • @John - I didn't say you literally said you were annoyed by the community, but the words you use, are giving that impression. – Ramhound Jan 7 at 15:36
  • @John, I'm just a passerby; haven't even looked at the referenced post. Just wanted to make an observation. You refer to downvotes indicating that an answer is wrong, which is a bad assumption. If you hover on the answer downvote button, it offers guidance on what it is appropriate for: "This answer is not useful". Being wrong is one possibility, but an answer can be viewed as not useful for many other reasons. More often than not, answers are downvoted because they are viewed as simply not adding value for one reason or another. The explanations here suggest that. – fixer1234 Jan 10 at 17:34
  • @John Votes are nothing more than anonymous opinions and do not affect rep afaik, I ignore them and only use them when deserved, No research effort, is unclear or not useful, and retract them when this is remedied by the author. – Moab Jan 22 at 19:27
  • Excellent observation. +1 – user1061912 May 10 at 21:00

The kind of indiscriminate downvoting I get serves ONLY to beat up, belittle and demean people. It does serve any useful purpose except to drive good people away

I am absolutely not the person who downvoted your answer, but your answer doesn't answer a single one of the multiple questions the author actually asked.

Here is a list of the questions the author asked:

  • Do all modern desktops not come with Bluetooth support?
  • Is one generally expected to buy a Bluetooth adapter if they want Bluetooth on a desktop?
  • Am I correct in concluding that it does not?
  • Is there a way to use the steam controller's USB adapter as a Bluetooth adapter by any chance?

enter image description here

You indicate that Bluetooth modules are commonly associated with wireless adapters, which is common on laptops, but I fail to see how it answers any of the author's questions about their desktop.

The PowerSpec G419 absolutely does not have a Bluetooth module. If you had pointed this fact out, it's unlikely, your answer would have been downvoted. You were also given feedback, granted it was under the question, due to the fact you deleting your answer. That person indicated that due to the author's four different questions the question should be locked and improved before being answered.

Your post was/is a comment because it was speculation. And the specs for the PC (PowerSpec G419) are easily accessible online and there is no indication that the PC in question has Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi card with Bluetooth mixed in.

This question as off-topic because it is all over the map and utterly unfocused What is the one question here? And your answer could — and still can — be helpful as a comment which you are fully capable of posting with the rep you have.

In conclusion, the answer was submitted within 10 minutes of the question being submitted. This does not seem to be enough time to submit an answer that was well researched in my opinion.

I personally own a Steam Controller, which comes with an adapter, which will work flawlessly with the controller. In other words, the Steam Controller comes with its own (USB) adapter. Your answer fails to point out this fact and does not answer the real question the author had

To be clear the author simply wanted to know how to get their Steam Controller to work. If you had suggested they read the How to pair to a Wireless USB Receiver, indicated the exact steps to get the controller working, the user who downvoted your answer might have voted differently.

It should be pointed out that absolutely nobody here at Super User can reverse the downvote you received only the person who issued it can give you their exact reasoning. It is also worth pointing out that Super Users Moderators cannot tell you who downvoted your answer.

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  • My comment was not about you at all. My comment was about Stack Exchange. You see why we differ so much. – John Jan 8 at 13:04
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    As for getting personal comment, I was actually talking about the "we are on totally different pages in life" comment, I am not particularly worried about users who are removed. I have had hundreds of reputation points lost due to members profiles being destroyed due to being removed. I don't particularly feel differ that much honestly. – Ramhound Jan 8 at 13:22
  • I am sorry you feel that way. I differ completely in how I view things than you do. I most definitely was not trying to be personal. – John Jan 8 at 13:26
  • @John - Making a comment like "being on different pages in life" makes things personal between the two of us, votes are not personal, they are about the contribution. Furthermore, two users differing on their approaches, has nothing to do with any votes you have received by anyone within the community – Ramhound Jan 8 at 13:30
  • @John - I attempted to reword a few statements, that after reading them, might have sounded like a personal attack. This answer should only be seen as feedback on the answer you submitted. I removed my previous commentary due to the current length of this discussion. – Ramhound Jan 8 at 13:40

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