Honestly speaking I feel this is most detailed (with full of research)question that I have ever asked

I feel it’s not getting deserved attention

  1. Maybe because people feel They are aiding theft etc, But the laptop is almost 10 years old , even if someone stole it, they could just sell off the parts (cpu, hard disk drive, Network card) And if you add these together it would be equivalent to resell value of laptop.I’m Damn sure they wouldn’t bother unlocking bios they would directly replace the CMOS chip and sell/use the laptop.

  2. Is there Something that I can do to improve my question?

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  • It looks very fine to me. – DavidPostill Jun 29 at 21:31
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    You asked a difficult question. You might not get an answer due to it’s difficultly – Ramhound Jun 30 at 0:49
  • Nobody mentioned theft except you... did you steal it? – Michael Frank Jun 30 at 7:43

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