Why do Windows laptops auto-shutdown at 5% battery and not 0%?

This was closed as opinion-based.

I edited this to make it more concrete and factual. Then a moderator reopened it, but immediately reclosed it. Then the question went into the reopen queue, but it is still closed as the review outcome was "leave closed".

Why is this still closed?

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    It is still closed because, as you mentioned, the reviewers chose to leave it closed. Probably because why someone chose to make something happen a particular way is "opinion based" per the close reason. – Mokubai Aug 1 at 6:36
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    I am closing this question because you have given no real reason why it should be reopened, have already made an identical attempt to get it reopened (10K users only) and even after your previous attempts at reopening and going through the review queue only one single person able to vote has agreed and cast a vote to reopen. Apparently in general the community agrees it should stay closed. Just repeatedly asking for it to be reopened is not enough here. – Mokubai Aug 1 at 7:11

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