How can I get the Suffrage badge? The number doesn't change in accordance with the votes I have casted.

I have casted many upvotes and downvotes today, on questions and answers of different users, but the number stays at 13, exactly what vote counts?

Thanks in advance.

It has changed to 17, however I have casted more than 4 votes since when it was 13...

Now it is 18 after refreshing, but after casting another vote and immediately refreshing the user profile page, it doesn't change to 19, is this a bug or something?

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It's caching. Right now, it shows as 21 to me on your profile, both in the badge tracker as in the Votes cast:

enter image description here enter image description here

There is a Votes tab on your own profile (we can't see it) to check which votes you've cast. That is always up to date, but doesn't show votes on deleted posts. And you have to count the number of votes today manually.

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