This picture:

enter image description here

from here: https://superuser.com/404

What is the origin of this picture? I am just curious, I tried Bing Visual Search it and failed to find information relevant to its origin.

Its name is "it-kama-sutra.jpg", what does its name mean? What does this picture mean? Why was it selected by superuser.com?

Can anyone elaborate this to me? I think this is directly relevant to this site itself.

I have found something:

We've all been there before -- you get home from the bars after striking out with the ladies but you're still feeling amorous. So what do you do? You bang your computer. Well thankfully this is not a picture of that. These are actually Kama Sutra positions to be used by trained IT professionals to mount a PC while attempting a repair.


And Kama Sutra on Wikipedia: Kama Sutra, I still don't have any idea how all of these are connected...

I can't get any more relevant information because I am behind the GFW, I am using Lantern and it automatically connects to South Korean servers, I don't get to choose which server to connect to because I am using the free version.

Now this is what Google says:

Inappropriate search results are removed for minors under 19. You can view normal search results if you are over 19.

Verify your age for your Google Account Verify your age for this session

The problem being I can only choose numbers from Korean telecommunication companies, while my number is Chinese...

And I have also tried Bing, and I have found out BING really is abbreviation of Bing Is Not Google (pun intended), while Google is useless, Bing is even more useless, it even can't find a single result relevant to IT...

I am also able to use tor(not Tor Browser), however it is very slow, and often I have to complete multiple captchas to perform a single Google search...

By the way, I can still get many search results from Google even the search results are filtered, and none of them are relevant to Information Technology...

And about my age, I was born in Nineteen Ninety-Nine.

The link from the above citation source is dead, and this is the only Wayback Machine snapshot I can find:


The link was already dead on September 4, 2014...

The latest snapshot of the link in question I am able to find that isn't dead is this:


Still have no idea whence this originated in and how this became 404 picture of superuser.com...



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