I recently asked this question about how to optimally install an AIO cooler: AIO cooler: Which way to put the radiator?

It was closed for being "opinion-based". What? This is essentially a quite technical question about building a PC. How is this "opinion-based"?

Or, perhaps, more precisely, how is this question in particular "opinion-based", while very similar questions that you can find by the dozen are not? What's different about my question compared to, for example, these (none of which have been closed for being "opinion-based"):

(And those were just the ones I found in the first 30 seconds. There are dozens and dozens of similar questions, none of them closed for being "opinion-based".)

I honestly cannot see how my question is "opinion-based", but even if it were, why was my question singled-out? This rule isn't being applied consistently.

  • The orientation of a radiator is one of those topics that is entirely based on “user’s preference”. Your question was seeking our opinion on the subject. How do those potential duplicates not answer your question? – Ramhound Jul 5 at 14:44
  • As well, not every moderator can read every question in the history of the site (note: I have not read your original question) – Canadian Luke Jul 5 at 16:20
  • Entirely based on user's preference? As in, it's 100% a cosmetic thing and makes no practical difference? Well, that's 100% news to me. In fact, if that's true, and can be backed up by evidence, then that would be quite a relevant answer as well, which is not based on opinion but on facts. Sorry, but I still don't see how the question is "opinion based". What other questions are opinion based? "Should I buy one stick of RAM for single-channel memory, or two sticks for dual channel?" "Should I buy a 150W or a 800W PSU for my GPU?" Completely cosmetic and up to preference and opinion? – Warp Jul 6 at 14:44
  • @Warp - No; As in everyone has an opinion on which orientation is "best". Sometimes it comes down to "it fits this way and not the other way". We typically close "Should I buy one stick ..." and "Should I buy a 150W ...." questions. If you see questions like that open you should raise a close flag. – Ramhound Jul 7 at 13:24

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