I posted a question to an issue I have...that is still unresolved. When I finally got someone to offer help and asked a question about my machine, I replied to it and that reply got pulled saying it didn't answer the original question. Well, no it didn't. If I could solve the issue myself why would I post in the first place? Now, he's not replied back and I STILL have a problem with my computer. Thanks a lot.

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    Comments are done in this box here, maybe you used the answer box?
    – Braiam
    Jan 6 at 14:51

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Well - from what I see on super user, which has its own meta - meta.superuser.com, you've posted multiple answers from multiple accounts instead of commenting (you can always comment on posts from the same account), which have been deleted.

You have 2 registered accounts, and one unregistered one in use from what I can tell here

Use the contact link at the bottom of any page and request your accounts merged, giving any information you can to assist the community team.

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