This is addressed to the OP of How to wrap lines of code in Rstudio IDE? in relation of the following comment

I am lost. My questions are migrated between Super User and Applications back and forward. Is there a need to have so many stacks? It's hard to fit into the right one then.

I have seen your previous questions here in Super User. I leave comments on some of them. I found only one question migrated from Super User to Web Applications to one question from Web Applications to Super User.

I posted this question for your behalf and adding an answer here as well in order to help you understand how to find the right site for a question, specifically between Super User and Web Applications SE.

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    Also - OP might benefit from understanding that the web in web apps is important
    – Journeyman Geek Mod
    Commented Mar 8, 2023 at 23:22
  • @JourneymanGeek You are right... I assumed that "web" was involutarely omitted in the OP comment in the main site question, but few moments ago I migrated a new quesition and the OP commented something similar.
    – user152004
    Commented Mar 10, 2023 at 9:08

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Tl;Dr: If your question is about an application that should be installed in your computer it might belong to Super User, if it is about an application that requires a web browser like Wikipedia and Youtube it might be ontopic in Web Applications while the question focus on the use of the application.

The best is that you read the on-topic page of each site

Additional, recently I have posted a faq in Meta Web Applications explaining the section of the site tour corresponding to the its scope: Welcome to Web Applications Stack Exchange.

Quick hints:

  1. Using Google Sheets, Wikipedia, Facebook, Gmail, Amazon and alike (application software) using a desktop web browser might be on-topic in Web Applications. This type of applications are known as web applications. They should not be confussed with desktop applications, mobile applications, IoT applications among others.

    One exception about the questions that might be asked in Web Applications SE are troubleshooting like questions.

  2. Using Excel, Zoom Meeting, Slack and alike (application software) not using a desktop web browser might be on-topic in Super User. This type of applications usually are referred as desktop application because they usually are accesed from the computer desktop.

  3. Wordpress, Microsoft 365, Wayback Machine (archive.org), among others are specially tricky.

    • Questions about using the through a web browser might be asked in Web Applications
    • Questions about installing software, troubleshooing like questions might be on topic in Super User
    • For other types of questions, please ask for a site recommendation in Meta Stack Exchange

Overlaping topics

There are some topics that might be specially tricky like spreadsheets as there are certain similarities and compatibilities i.e. functions, formula syntax among the different types i.e. web and destop applications.

The typical comparision is Excel vs Google Sheets but it also could be done Excel (desktop) versus Excel Online (web). When asking questions about spreadsheets please be clear about what application and platform.

When mentioning an application, in general, use the name giving by the application developer, i.e. avoid using "excel" as synonym of spreadsheet, or "messenger" as synonym of instant messaging / chat application, instead use Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice, Skype, Google Chat, etc.

Regarding the platform the most popular are:

The complete list of Stack Exchange sites is in https://stackexchange.com/sites.

If you still are struggling to decide what is the proper site where to ask a question consider to ask for a site recommendation in Meta Stack Exchange

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