Well - at some point in future, budget allowing, I'd be looking at getting new monitors. When I got my current one, It was basically TN and IPS in my size range. Since then there's a lot more variation, with 'Desktop' sized OLEDs, MiniLEDs, quantum dots and so on. And while display technology does go extinct (I can't see myself finding a new plasma or CRT in 2023), the general landscape of options ought to be relevant short of us getting real free space holograms.

Back in the day - I'd asked about reopening a question on keyboards, which resulted in large edits, and ended up being a (still relevant) resource today

I do realise that things have changed a lot since - so I'm wondering, would a similar question, asking about differences in PC monitor panel types be relevant/acceptable to the scope and community standards of today?

In general, what should be the boundaries of such a question if its asked today?



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