As you may have heard, Stack Exchange has announced a new feature: Sites can now request to enable a banner to warn about their policy on AI-generated content.

This feature could be useful for Super User, where we have a clear community consensus that posting ChatGPT-generated or similar AI-generated content is not allowed, as discussed in this meta post: Should we ban ChatGPT on Super User?

This should help reduce AI-generated posts (and accusations of posting AI-generated content, as lamented in this recent meta post: Why do people attempt to discourage long well-written answers by instant AI accusations?).

What do you think? Should we request to enable this feature?


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It can't hurt. It costs us nothing. People will either read it & pay attention or not, but if only 1% read it & then don't post the AI answer they were about to, then the banner has been successful, even if just to a small degree.

Even for those well-versed in site etiquette, you'll only see it once, so the annoyance factor is low.

  • I concur. The banner should be enabled on SU. Commented Jan 8 at 16:04

While a banner is a good idea, for most people it is just wasted space on the screen. It would be more useful if

  • The banner is displayed to users with less than 200 rep
  • Or the banner is displayed when a user is typing the first answer
  • Or the system confirms with the user when they submit their first answer, that this is not AI generated content.

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