I just noticed this at the bottom of this question on SuperUser:

Chrome Chrome

As you can see it looks like the text of the tag overflows the right border of the tag, thereby cutting it off.

The tag appears fine in Firefox though:

Firefox 3.5 Firefox

EDIT Can anyone with Chrome 3 take a look and tell us if it's wrong there too?


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That's actually the way the browser renders rounded corners. It can be fixed by using a background image instead of border-radius, but it will most likely be "fixed" in Chrome sooner or later.


In Opera 9.61, the tags look like this:

alt text

  • The square corners are because Opera has no support for border-radius. Though I don't understand why then the borders are in seperate elements (causing them to wrap seperately) since they're using border-radius.
    – Macha
    Commented Jul 30, 2009 at 18:06

The border looks fine in other contexts (not at the end of the line in the header at the bottom of the page). So this is a bug in Chrome - likely miscalculating the clipping region.

Edit: Just checked this in the latest Chromium nightly - it's even worse! Ha!

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