I tried to vote on the other answer to my question, but it says I can’t unless it is edited because my “vote” from 45 minutes ago is locked. The only vote on that answer was from well over a week ago and neither arrow next to the answer is highlighted.

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You have a 5 minute window to cast and uncast votes; after the first vote is cast, the clock starts ticking.

Regardless of the final state, the clock starts ticking the second you click a vote arrow.

This is to prevent many kinds of vote undo exploits.


I see only 1 upvote on harrymc's answer from the timeline. This plus you indicate that you're getting a message about vote being locked makes me believe this might have happened:

  • Clicked on the upvote
  • (Accidentally?) clicked on the upvote again, hence "cancelling" it. The system still sees it as a vote - after all you did vote on it. The vote is now locked.

I can simulate the same -

Voted for your answer

Now cancelled my vote. There's no sign of the upvote and it's locked in till the post gets edited.

  • Sometimes the mouse and/or keyboard perform phantom clicks/keypresses. It happens when a wireless device has a bad RF-connection/low battery, or when the metal contacts on micro-switches have accumulated a patina, preventing a good electrical connection. I’ve had them now and then in the past year, so that may have been it (or maybe I just noticed or thought of something and changed my mind right after clicking it).
    – Synetech
    Commented Jun 30, 2011 at 1:33

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