Who actually create the badges system? There are ranked users that can do it? May it one day be possible?

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About badges:

See here for the meta.SO FAQ entry:

How do "badges" work?

Badges are a way of recognizing users who contribute to the website. There are many ways to contribute, and consequently, there are many badges. [...]

Basically, badges are never created by users, even high-rep ones. The badges that exist now are more or less fixed, although sometimes there are new badges introduced. I wouldn't expect much to change.

Letting users create badges:

There is no sign of being able to create your own badges. I wouldn't really see the point, but if you have a reason why you'd want users to be able to create badges, you should write a feature request on meta. I see you tagged your question with , but note that you should really have some good arguments before.

Getting your own badge idea through:

Also, you can always write a request on meta for a certain badge you think would be useful. There have been some requests already. Here's an older (but huge) CW with additional badge ideas. Might be hard to come up with anything new after you've read all those!

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