Earlier tonight I posted something asking about MediaWiki and I tried to ask "how do I do that" but I accidentally typed "hoe do I do that". I realized this because one of the site admins edited the post and changed that one letter. I thought it was strange that they would have just happened across my post and change that one typo.

Is there software that runs on SuperUser that looks for bad words?


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Is there software that runs on SuperUser

No, there isn't - though you can always do a site specific search on Google.

FYI the question was edited by a user, Nifle - he isn't a site admin or a Moderator. Super User is a collaboratively edited site and quite a lot of users often help in improving the site quality by reviewing posts. It's not "strange" that people comes across your post and change typos, it happens a lot of times and that's one of the most appealing features of Stack Exchange for me.

So to summarize - there's isn't a software that looks for bad words, but we do have lists for new posts that we tend to look at and it's not just the site admins who can edit - anyone can.

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