I posted a question (related to wordpress) at wordpress.stackexchange.

How can I share the question across a similar site "Superuser" (it has a tag for wordpress)?

Is it possible or not?

I want this feature to increase the viewers to my question so that I can get answers fast and correct.


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The choice, as to which SE site to post your question to, is an important one, as cross-posting is strongly discouraged.

The mechanism that comes closest to your question is migration, but that is likely not what you are looking for.

You could also advertise your post via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ via the share link below your question.

Adding a bounty is another good way to increase traffic to your question.

As for your question in particular, it would seem to me that you're on track to get some great help. You've got a diamond actively helping to get the best solution.


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