As far as I know relates either to the Safari Omnibar or to the Google Chrome omnibar / omnibox.

As for the Safari Omnibar, it's basically a tweaked location bar ("Search directly using location bar"), and is a synonym of .

As for the Google omnibar / omnibox, even Google calls it "address bar" so no need to refer to it as "omnibar".

22 out of the 23 questions tagged with relate to the Google Chrome address bar, and only 1 relates to the Safari one.

Can be merged into and be a tag synonym of ?

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Well, if even Google calls it like that, no real need to keep using "Omnibar". Note that before, Safari didn't have this, but now that it does it's no longer a unique Chrome feature.

Plus, not many questions tagged with it. If one wants to tweak the specific behavior of a browser's address bar, they'll use the proper tag for the browser as well.

I've synonymized them and merged them.

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