Some of the questions tagged with actually relate only to Google Chrome and not to Google products / Google company in general, for example:

The tag wiki should be edited too:

Tag is intend to mark questions related to the products of Google your using on your computer.

  • Google website and search engine
  • Wikipedia article on Google Inc.

Since there's already a tag. I think the tag should be like the tag - it should relate either to the company itself or to its products in general. Google.com questions should be tagged only with . So there's no way there are 424 question about Google Inc. / Google products in general. Most of them are about the Google search engine or about Google Chrome.
Some questions are tagged with instead of , too.

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    Also, generally questions on Google Search (or any other web-based Google product) is off-topic on Super User and should be on Web Applications.
    – Bob
    Commented Nov 23, 2012 at 8:07


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