Can I add "Possible duplicate" text to a question which is not closed as duplicate (yet), or should I wait until it's closed and then edit it?

Also, what happens if I add links to possible duplicates and later the automatic possible duplicates bot finds this questions? Will it add the same links or will it spot that they're already included (even though I don't use the same formatting for the possible duplicates text (e.g --->)) and will leave the question?


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You should never add the "Possible duplicate" note into a question yourself.

The note is placed there automatically by the system when the message is closed through regular means (users voting to close it).

If you see a question that is not closed, but you're certain that it is a duplicate, then feel free to vote to close it. However, this option is only available to you once you reach 3000 reputation. Until then, please flag these posts for moderator attention, so that we can take care of it :)


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