When I go to a tag page, I don't see all the questions that are tagged with that tag. I notice it when going to a tag page with a low amount of tagged questions, like .

When I enter the page I see all the 7 questions and then 5 of them disappear quickly (after less than a second) and all I see, in this case, are the top question and the third question.

I was going to post it on the main site but thought that maybe it has to do with the site's functionality (although it's unlikely) so I posted it here.

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Often, this is caused by a preference: Open your profile by clicking your user name on the main site and go to prefs (or click here) and remove the checkbox next to "Hide ignored tags".

In your case (you're logged in on Firefox, right?) this might be a user script (Greasemonkey, Ninjakit, etc.). Check out your locally set up scripts for anything SE/SU specific.

  • Yeah, it was the "Hide ignored tags" preference. It only worked on Firefox because it wasn't logged into my account in Firefox (so I surfed as a guest). Thanks for the help :)
    – tempy
    Dec 12, 2012 at 20:32

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