I found these 3 groups of similar tags that I think can be merged and synonymized:

Port related tags:

Report related tags:

Portable related tags:

  • x 140 – the tag wiki mentions portable apps, but some questions are about portable computers or devices

  • x 37


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The last part with and should get some attention once more.
I recommend to make a synonym or merge them.

The tag wiki of both tags refers to the same: portable = no software installation

I clicked through most of the questions and those who aren't referring to a portable software misused the tag. It should be removed from them.

Examples for misused portable tags are:

If needed I would check all of them and remove the tag

  • and are similar enough to merge. I don't see any obvious differences.

  • and are similar enough to merge as well, but doesn't necessarily mean the same as . For example, a user may want to generate a report from a set of data in a document. would work, but would not. In fact, seems to be more of a programming topic and it may be better to delete the tag altogether, since it isn't widely used.

  • Questions tagged that are related to portable apps should have the tag removed and replaced with if it is not already present. To avoid confusion, the tag probably should be renamed to (though this may not be a good idea, since "portable device" is really ambiguous).

Of course, in all cases, when a tag doesn't really describe the question, it should be removed.

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