This question should be closed as not constructive or too localized. Yet it cant be voted closed, since it has an active bounty.

Shouldnt close votes take priority?


Like mentioned in the MSO Oliver linked:

How can we close questions with bounties?

Flag the question for moderator attention, we can remove the bounty and then close the question.


I feel this should be allowed, because I've run into questions that had bounties but should be closed, often for being not constructive or not a real question. However, I feel it should take eight votes (more or less) to close a question with a bounty, rather than the normal five. Users should be advised to exercise caution when voting to close a question with a bounty, since closure would automatically end the bounty.

If possible, one-half of the bounty should be awarded automatically to the highest-scoring answer posted since the bounty was started with a score of at least +2, as if the bounty had expired. Otherwise, the bounty would be lost.

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