Oliver Salzburg♦ marked my question...

How to delete $RECYCLE.BIN folder on external hard disk?

...as a duplicate of...

There is a “$REYCLE.BIN” folder in my external hard drive; can I delete it?.

Apparently Oliver did not care to read my question, as I explicitly link to the question he thinks mine is a duplicate of. That question does not answer my question. That question asks if it is okay to delete the recycle bin folder, whereas I ask how to delete that folder since I cannot see it. The answers are also completely different.

I could have formulated the title as How to delete special folder from hard disk and then it may have never been marked as a duplicate, but the question would remain the same. So, this is what I get for being specific in the title.

I ask my question to be reopened.

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The questions are sufficiently different & as such I've reopened it.


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