In tagging a question I noticed (24) and (38).

The tag wiki for the latter seemed like the right thing for my question, but most of the questions filed under duplicate-files seem like deduplication questions. Should they be aliased?


It seems to me duplication should be killed and rolled into duplicate files. Duplication sounds like it could refer to good things and is ambiguous.

Examples of alternate uses for duplications:

  • Drive Duplication
  • Copy Files
  • Duplicates of Files
  • Exact Duplicates (A current tag)

I would rather more explicit tags for these, I am newer and still mastering the site but this makes the most sense to me


Dealing with duplicate files and deduplication are really 2 different sciences, especially if you drag ZFS (or similar) dedup into the conversation.

I think that for things that deal with duplicate files, and how to link/remove them, they should be tagged as .

For other things like ZFS dedup, and other similar technologies, would be right.

But, I could be wrong.

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