There are a few questions and answers on superuser that I've noticed that have been very beneficial to me figuring out problems with my computer. I didn't ask these questions nor provide an answer. I know if you do any of these 2 actions, a link is provided in a populated list in your profile. Is there any way of referencing these questions/answers other than just using the "search" query? Thank you!

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Yep! Just click the little star beneath the vote arrows, and it'll be added to your favorites list.

favorite button


If you upvote or downvote a question or an answer, a link is stored on your profile beneath the Votes Cast section

You can go straight to the list of votes by appending ?tab=votes to the url of your profile

For example, to see my votes I would go to the following url


I've found that you can't view other peoples votes, only your own

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